“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” In today’s world one need to understand we have the responsibility to future generation to reduce carbon uses today itself. Now printing is something which is associated with our day to day lives, now have you heard about environmental printing? Environmental printing is in vogue, especially in schools, offices and several other commercial sectors. Now why one must consider using such service?

Environmental planning is one of the easiest ways to reduce paper usage as print can be done on back and forth. With less paper usage you are likely to save enough of your bucks. Apart from paper comes the ink, normally ink and toner are highly hazardous. But as we know that one cannot prevent using ink, so I suggest try using inks made from vegetables. Booklet printing is one of the finest examples of environmental printing, apart from this you will find several labels, and logos, street signs, candy wrappers, labels on peanut butter around.