Many well known writers’s say that writing a book is really like giving a birth to a new baby, after all you gave up things that you enjoyed apart from writing, your sleep, hunger, family, and friends, in short you gave up your entire routine behind that process. And after so much effort if you don’t find the right printing company then the entire effort goes in vain. And with so many printing companies around, it’s quite natural for you to get confused whom to choose and whom not to. This write up emphasize on certain pointers that shows you have chosen the right booklet printing company.

· First, determine your needs. Yes ask yourself what are your goals? What you wish to achieve by doing this. Are you just seeking around for a few readers or do you have an established market?

· Second, get to know which type of printing is right for your book. I mean there are different printings for different things, I mean booklet printing or brochure printing/ invitation printing can never be the same. So select the printing method that best suits your needs.

· Last, before you hire any company just go through their services. Services includes things will your book cover be professional and attractive or how will be the binding and quality of the paper, etc.